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Uses of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are used as tools in many areas of advanced research. Shown here is a Scanning Electron Microscope which uses electrons to produce a highly magnified image on a computer screen.

Electronics, field of engineering and applied physics dealing with the design and application of devices, usually electronic circuits, the operation of which depends on the flow of electrons for the generation, transmission, reception, and storage of information. The information can consist of voice or music (audio signals) in a radio receiver, a picture on a television screen, or numbers and other data in a computer.

Electronic circuits provide different functions to process this information, including amplification of weak signals to a usable level; generation of radio waves; extraction of information, such as the recovery of an audio signal from a radio wave (demodulation); control, such as the superimposition of an audio signal onto radio waves (modulation); and logic operations, such as the electronic processes taking place in computers.

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